Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site

Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site provides archaeological opportunities throughout the year for visitors, schools, teachers, and scouts to learn about the site’s history and culture.  The site is situated along a bluff by the Mississippi river in western Kentucky and is a prehistoric village of the Mississippian culture, dating 1100 to 1350 A.D.  The mounds in Wickliffe were first excavated by a private owner in 1932 and the site was developed in to a tourist attraction.  In the 1980’s, Murray State University became stewards of the site and reorganized it in to an archaeological research station hosting annual summer field schools to teach and train students in the field methods of archaeology.  In 2004, the Wickliffe Mounds site and its collections was transferred to the Kentucky State Parks where today it is a State Historic Site, protected and preserved, with interpretive exhibits and displays about the site’s archaeological history and the Mississippian Native People who once lived in the village.  Research on the collections is ongoing and provide opportunities for graduate students and other researchers to help us learn more about the Mississippian culture and it’s impact on the region.  Visitors to the site experience an excavated mound and museum, with other mounds and trails to view on the park grounds.



Wickliffe hosts Homeschool Fridays. Children can come for a guided tour of the site, watch prehistoric technology demonstrations, and participate in mock digs. Saturdays are Scout Merit Badge days. Registration is required for these programs. For more information, please contact:  Carla Hildebrand, carla.hildebrand@ky.gov , 270-335-3681.  Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site is located at 94 Green Street, Wickliffe, KY  42087.


By: Carla Hildebrand

Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site