10th Annual Holt Home Community Day Celebration

Hi, everyone. On September 22, I am heading out to the former home of Judge Joseph Holt, who was the first person to serve in the position of Judge Advocate General. The property is located west of Addison at 6205 Highway 144, Hardinsburg, Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Please come out and join us. The event will take place from 9am until 2pm, but rumor has it and weather permitting, there will be hot air balloon rides from 7am through 10am. For more information on the event, click here.



Painting by Elizabeth Parks


From a bird’s eye view of the Holt Home property, one can look down on at least 15 archaeological sites scattered across the landscape. These archaeological sites are not directly visible to us today. The archaeological sites were occupied off and on from approximately 10,000 years ago through the 1800s. The oldest known and documented archaeological sites in the area were occupied during the Early Archaic Period (10,000-3,000 years ago). At that time, people were largely nomadic hunters and gatherers making use of the resources available in the areas they visited.

Woodland Period sites have also been identified near the Holt Home property. The Woodland Period sites in the area were occupied from about 3,000 years ago up to about 1,000 years ago, right up until the time folks would have been beginning to build seasonal structures. That would be something very cool to imagine while looking down from an air balloon over the Holt Home landscape.

The most recent archaeological site documented in the area is the archaeological expression of the occupation of the Holt Home property. An archaeological survey was conducted adjacent to and surrounding the house by archaeologists from the University of Kentucky, Program for Archaeological Research. During that investigation over 350 artifacts were documented. The archaeological investigations concluded that, “there is an archaeological representation of life at the house” (Ahler and Duncan 2018).



Holt House Community Day 2016 (Speakers included former State Historic Preservation Officer, David Morgan, and current State Historic Preservation Officer, Craig Potts.)


The Holt Home property has had several partners in preservation over the years, including the Breckinridge County Fiscal Court, the Kentucky Heritage Council, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.We encourage you to come visit the property of the nation’s first Judge Advocate General on September 22, 2018, from 9am until 2pm.


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Nicole Konkol, Archaeologist

Kentucky Heritage Council