Happy Labor Day from Kentucky Archaeology!

By Karen Stevens
Kentucky Heritage Council

Happy Labor Day from the Kentucky Heritage Council!

As Bernard K. Means put it simply:

“This Labor Day, I think it is important to recall that transformative time during the Great Depression when people from all walks of life were paid by the federal government to do archaeology.  While the basic goals of New Deal work relief programs were to employ people, these jobs programs built up not only America’s infrastructure, but also expanded our understanding of America’s past.” (Source)

WPA Archaeology in Kentucky

Just some resources related to the how the New Deal put people to work in Kentucky:
William S. Webb’s WPA Archaeological Legacy in Kentucky: From Adena to Indian Knoll
New Deal Archaeology in West-Central Kentucky: Excavations at Annis Village
WPA Archaeology in Kentucky (blog)
WPA Archaeology: Legacy of an Era (video)
WPA Archaeology: Legacy of an Era (blog)
The Women Who Rode Miles on Horseback to Deliver Library Books
The Living New Deal

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