30 Days of Kentucky Archaeology

Archaeologists and Anthropologists of the Kentucky Heritage Council

We hope everyone has been able to recognize and celebrate Kentucky Archaeology Month 2022 by participating in the many events across the state.

We want to take today to let you know a little bit about who we are and that we’re here if you need us.

Patricia Hutchins, Archaeology Review Coordinator

I love that each site is unique, and each site is a mystery. You never really know what you’ll uncover. By using archaeological methods you’re sometimes able to answer questions about the past and tell quite a bit about an area at a specific time. An intact site may provide a different answer than we were expecting, and it’s neat to discover the ingenuity of the people of the past. On a physical level, I simply love digging in the dirt!

I work as an archaeology reviewer at KHC, and it’s satisfying to be a part of the massive undertaking that is helping to preserve people’s heritage. I operate as only a small piece of the puzzle, but I think helping to ensure that important pieces of the past are cared for is a worthwhile pursuit and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Tressa Brown, Historic Preservation Coordinator, KY African American Heritage Commission, KY Native American Heritage Commission, and Martin Luther King, Jr. State Commission

What I like about anthropology is that it gives me a chance (and an excuse) to talk to many different sorts of people and learn about how they do what they do.  I am particularly interested in how and from whom folks learn their cultural arts and traditions and how they incorporate that into their lives.

Orloff Miller, Historic Preservation Coordinator, Certified Local Government Program and Planning

I was cross-trained in American History, Architectural History and Archaeology. I’ve been hooked on interpreting stratigraphy and artifacts since my first field school back during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition when mammoths roamed the earth. I come to the Heritage Council from a background in Cultural Resource Management, and I view working at the agency as both an honor and a capstone to my career.

Nicole Konkol, Site Protection Program Manager, Archaeologist

I care about Kentucky and Kentucky’s cultural resources. And, I care about the people who care about Kentucky’s cultural resources. I love that, every day I come to work at the Kentucky Heritage Council, I get to help someone who is striving to preserve Kentucky’s unique heritage. And, every day I come to work, I am surrounded by others who share my passion for helping people and protecting our cultural resources.

Hope you’ve had a great Kentucky Archaeology Month 2022

Kentucky Archaeologists – stay tuned to 30 Days of Kentucky Archaeology for a post just for you.


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