30 Days of Kentucky Archaeology

Opening Reception for First Farmers of the Barren River Valley will be held September 8 from 5-7 pm. central at Western Kentucky University, Kentucky Museum.

First Farmers of the Barren River Valley is an exhibition of recent excavations along the Barren River by the Kentucky Archaeological Survey. This exhibition highlights diverse aspects of pre-contact Native American farm life in the Barren River valley. Utilizing results of recent excavations, First Farmers displays and interprets findings related to technology, settlement, foodways, society/politics, and economics/trade that reveal life in a farming village circa 1200-1300 CE.

The opening includes:
• A 30-minute behind-the-scenes talk with archaeologists about the site (begins at 5:30 central) by Drs. David Pollack and Justin N. Carlson, Kentucky Archaeological Survey
• Q&A with the archaeological team who surveyed and excavated the site
• Self-guided tours of the exhibit

Refreshments will be served. Contact Tiffany Isselhardt for more information:



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